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Makro JeoTech DEEPSEEKER LED System Treasure Seeker

Jeotech LED product brochure

Jeotech LED operating manual

Makro JeoTech LED System Treasure Seeker

One system - includes everything you need to locate gold at extreme depths!

  • Small head search coil for LED system 8.5" x 12" or 210 cm x 315 cm
  • Medium general search coil 14" x 17" or 360 cm x 440 cm
  • Large deep search coil 24" x 39" or 1000 cm x 600 cm
  • Professional metal detector headphones
  • Leather carry case & harness for LCD system
  • Cordura nylon carry bag for large deepseek coil
  • Cordura nylon carrying bag for detector, LED system & general search coil
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Universal AC wall charger, 100 to 240 Volts, 50 and 60 Hz
  • Car charger
  • US & European wall plug connections included
  • Detailed product manual
  • Instructional DVD (English/Spanish)
Makro JeoTech LED System Treasure Seeker
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list price: $2,599.95 our price: $1,999.95

JEOTECH is produced using the latest Makro technologies.
Experience the first of a new generation of coin hunting detectors. From indivudual targets to deeply buried treasure caches, the JEOTECH deepseeking system can locate treasures beyond the reach of most ordinary detectors. Designed to locate deeply buried gold and precious metals, this model is also capable of detecting underground cavities and voids like tunnels, graves, caves and cellars.
Powerful and deep detection capabilities allow the JEOTECH to easily detect targets even in the most mineralized ground conditions. Now you can locate those precious metals and deep caves others have missed!
Unique to the JEOTECH is the capability to work smoothly and easily in highly mineralized environments. It can locate targets underneath stones that contain metal (the dreaded hot rocks).
Locating precious metals with perfect accuracy, the revolutionary JEOTECH performs searches deeper than other detectors that were made for seeking single coins and can simultaneously detect cavities such as caves, cellars and tunnels.
Along with the LEDs to the right and left of the joystick that visually indicate metal and cavity detection, the Jeotech has tone ID. When it detects a metal, the unit will give an audio signal and the "metal" and "mineral" LEDs on the right side of the joystick will blink. The response will correspond to the signal power of the target.
When a cavity is detected, the "cavity" and "mineral" LEDs blink on the left side of the joystick, again based on the signal strength of the target. An audio signal is also produced.
The Jeotech performs metal discrimination and analysis through the scanning key. If the target is a non-ferrous metal such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, etc., the "non-ferrous" LED will light. If the target is steel or iron, the "ferrous" LED will illuminate to alert the user.


The Jeotech LED system comes standard with the surface search coil, which measures 21 x 31,5 cm (8.5" x 12"). You can also purchase the optional general search coil to locate targets at extreme depth. With the larger 36 cm x 44 cm (14" x 17") general search coil, you can expect perfect results for both shallow and deep targets. The general search coil detects precious metals and cavities at substantial depth.

Experience the excitement of discovering treasures at depths that have never been reached before.


The Jeotech is well balanced and features a very light and compact design. The detector informs the user about hidden cavities and metals through both the LEDs and unique audio tones. Superior detection capabilities, combined with a reasonable price, make the Jeotech a favorite detector of treasure hunters around the world.

Jeotech features advanced target sampling at high speed. The simple to use interface provides all required target information without an LCD screen. The advanced target analysis is provided to the user by means of LEDs (lights) and audio. This system discriminates the metals into three distinct groups: "non-ferrous", "ferrous" and "steel". Jeotech is also capable of detecting cavities. It is the World's deepest and most full featured single coin detector within its class.

The Jeotech is designed to be used in highly mineralized ground conditions. Equipped with a special filter, it can perform without being effected by interference and noise. From surface to deep searches, it renders useful, fast and precise target information and can help you discover precious metals hidden behind walls and on hillsides.

Jeotech LED technical specifications

Jeotech LED accessories

Jeohunter search coils




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